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  Aviator Sam Metzger and instructor Will Parker.

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Caption:   Aviator Sam Metzger and instructor Will Parker shake hands after Metzger completed his solo flight (1917). Will Parker was an instructor at the Christofferson Aviation School at Redwood City Airport from 1916-1917. A quote by Will Parker on the back of the photograph reads: "The aeroplane was called a "Grass Cutter"; it had a Hallcott "60" 8 cly. engine, manufactured in Berkeley, CA; the fusilage was from a Bleriot monoplane and the wings were from a Christofferson pusher-plane; landing gear were Farman type". Redwood City Airport was located near what is now Chestnut Street, between Veterans Blvd. and Broadway.
Photo Date:   1917
  Redwood City Public Library


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